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Welcome to Doc’s Select – Your Trusted Online CBD Store

Over the last few years, CBD products have gained a lot of attention in the news. Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a natural cannabis plant compound, well known for its therapeutic benefits. Another reason why CBD products are being welcomed in the healthcare and wellness industry is that unlike THC (another cannabis compound), CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating effect (it’s not psychoactive).

Being dubbed a miracle worker, CBD has made headlines many times helping to relieve stress, pain and inflammation. CBD can easily be combined with other ingredients yet retaining its therapeutic abilities, hence why we are able to create many of our amazing products. Doc’s Select has a wide range of high quality and lab-tested CBD Products like CBD oil, tinctures and topical pain creams that can be used without you or your family worrying about being intoxicated.

At Doc’s Select, we’ve been helping pets for years. Our tinctures combine full-spectrum CBD with MCT oil which may help relieve pet issues such as irritability, stress, and restlessness. Given the list of serious issues that are now being attributed to endocannabinoid deficiency, logic dictates that this deficiency may play a significant role in various pet-related problems.

The Best Place to Buy CBD in Florida

The demand for CBD products has drastically increased over the years, and that has pushed manufacturers to expand their offerings of CBD products. With the increase in demand, production has also increased, but not all of them are conscientious. Many unreliable manufacturers are producing CBD products that are aren’t lab-tested or safe to use. Not long ago, more than 50 people from Utah were in critical condition after consuming fake CBD. They were hospitalized for strong intoxication. It’s a good idea to always check the labels before buying CBD products.

If you’re searching for pure, authentic, and lab-tested CBD products, you’ve come to the right place. Doc’s Select is a State licensed seller of CBD products in Florida.

Welcome to our online CBD shop

As you can see, we have a wide range of CBD products that are lab-tested and extracted from organically grown hemp plants. We have CBD tinctures (in 500mg and 1000mg), a CBD skin repair toner, plus CBD topical creams and lotions that helps with pain relief.

The best thing about Doc’s Select is that every CBD product is made has no THC. Our oil tinctures contains a vitalizing blend of terpenes, phytocannabinoids, sterols, and flavonoids that work to provide a more health benefits than ordinary CBD isolate, and without the intoxicating component of hemp.

Buying high-quality CBD products is difficult to do because, currently, the market is flooded with counterfeit products. Doc’s Select is your trusted Florida CBD shop where you could buy pure and lab-tested CBD products at the most affordable price.

Shurland George is a Licensed Pharmacist and an enthusiastic endorser of homeopathic treatments. Hear what he has to say about the benefits of his CBD product line and how it can work for you.

At Doc’s Select we believe that pets are an extension of our families. With this in mind, our full spectrum CBD tinctures are combined with MCT oil, which has been used in pets for many years. Given the list of serious issues that are now being attributed to endocannabinoid deficiency, logic dictates that this deficiency may also play a significant role in various pet-related problems. CBD may help relieve many of the issues including stress, irritability and restlessness.

Why buy our CBD tincture 1000mg

Our 1000mg CBD tincture is a good choice for people who are used to consuming CBD. People who regularly take CBD for various reasons might feel that their intake isn’t producing the desired effect. This is where our 1000mg CBD tincture comes in. CBD tinctures are famous because they help to manage pain and relieve stress.

Why buy our topical pain creams

Experiencing physical pain is probably the most common thing we’ve felt in our life. But some pain is more excruciating than others, and if left unchecked, it could lead to chronic pain and leave us bedridden. This is where Doc’s Select’s topical pain cream comes in. CBD is widely known for its pain-relieving effect, which is why we’ve produced a topical cream to apply externally to the area which is hurting. Every CBD product of ours is lab-tested and safe for daily use.

At Doc’s SELECT, we are fully committed to providing the highest quality products by ensuring that we are only using specific organically grown hemp strains and lab testing every product that we offer.

Organically Farmed
and U.S.A Grown

All the Hemp plants used for our CBD rich products are grown in the U.S.A. using organic farming practices and specific naturally developed strains of industrial hemp. By only using specific farms, strains and consistent testing we ensure the quality of our CBD products is always pure and consistent.


In the world of CBD there are two main types, CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil. Our “NO THC” full spectrum oil contains a rich blend of Phytocannabinoids, terpenes, sterols and flavonoids which works in synergy to provide a greater range of benefits than simple CBD isolate, without the psychoactive component of the hemp plant.


Our Licensed Pharmacist is involved in every aspect of our product development. By using consistent organically grown hemp strains and lab testing each batch, Doc’s Select provides the purest and highest quality CBD products on the market. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Any questions? We’re here to help. Drop us a message and we’ll be back with you soon!

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